Corporate Social Responsibility


Strengthening Our Social Footprint
By Fulfilling Our Responsibilities Towards The Society

At Al Salam, we believe in serving every segment of the society. When we say, we serve, we do not have only our potential target audience but the bigger picture in mind. Starting from the society we work in, to the nation and humanity, we think for everyone. We understand the pain of the underprivileged and are committed to serving the unfortunate souls.

We play our part of serving the society by associating with several active social stakeholders that are actively engaged in serving the poor masses. Currently, we are committed to helping the world in becoming a better place by focusing our CSR endeavors on alleviating the problems related to poverty, hunger, healthcare and education.

We actively contribute to a number of charitable organizations, social groups and non-governmental organizations in various parts of the world. We wish to be known as a considerate company. Through our not-for-profit initiatives and activities aim at strengthening our social footprint and leave a positive mark on the society that we work in.